School Construction

Currently, we are working with the residents of a village in Bong County to start a school in a present church building. The church building had now been renovated and classes began as of May 25th. The new school has been given the name,“Ghewein Mission School”. In the near future we plan to assist the residents to construct a 10 room school building to serve the needs of several villages in Bong County.

3D model of proposed new school building

3D model of proposed new school

Floorplan of proposed new school

Floorplan of proposed new school

In order to promote sustainability, a vocational training component will include the following as possible:

Agriculture, Building trades, information technology, home economics, the arts and small business management. The Liberia Education Project, Inc seeks to build the educational and vocational infrastructure to lead the beneficiaries to self-sufficiency.

Liberia Education

There were 2,400 schools operating in Liberia before the on-set of the CIVIL WAR in 1989. Today, only 30% of those schools are operating. The government places the literacy rate of the population at a mere 28%. Only 50% of the 1.5 million children of school age are attending school. The CIVIL WAR destroyed the infrastructure of the nation, especially schools, leaving hundreds of thousands of children with nowhere to attend. Low salaries and late payments discourage teachers from practicing their profession.


The key to success of any society is the education of its people. For many years, ever since Liberia’s Civil War, this has been a forgotten ideal. We seek, with the help of friends, neighbors, and other charitable organizations, the ability to make a change. There are forgotten schools left in ruin that can be renovated. There are districts that are left without any school at all.